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PVC Foam Board


The main material PVC resin can be foamed and extruded into a special sheet with many advantages, such as glossy or matt surface, waterproof, flame-resistant, UV stable, sound and heat insulation, anti-chemical corrosion, etc, it has a very widely applications. PVC foam board/Sheet is a composite material that is used in the advertising, furniture and building industries and it is a substitution of plywood, Marine Ply and Particle Board. It can be used for making ceiling panels, cabinet doors, decorativewall and door panels. It's made of Poly Vinyl Chloride is moisture-resistant and fire-proof. It lasts long and does not fall prey to termites or corrosion like wood and metal.

PRODUCT FEATURES: - Water Proof, Termite Proof, Borer Proof, Rust Proof, Weather resistant, Fire Retardant - Resistant to chemical & corrosion - Easy to work and Process - Good sound insulation, Good thermal insulation - Suitable for both indoor & outdoor application - Light Weight, Smooth and Glossy surface - Direct Digital printing - Suitable for film lamination - Highly suitable for printing, lacquering fine celled foam structure - 3 Layer uPVC foam board, top and bottom is uPVC and middle is foam PVC material

SPECIFICATION: - Thickness : 3-30mm - Width: 1220mm - Length: 2440mm & As requirement - Density: 0.47 g/cc , 0.50 g/cc , 0.55 g/cc , 0.60 g/cc - Color : regular available - white - as per requirement different colors will be customize